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In response to the news of INEOS’ plans, the Woodsetts Against Fracking (WAF) group formed to co-ordinate our response and engagement with INEOS.

The WAF group want to engage the village and help everyone understand the threat and how we can respond. The WAF group has formed with over 70 volunteers from the village and local area who have stepped forward to bring their skills, time and experience to achieving our goals. To be effective we have organised into multiple sub-groups based on particular areas of focus. There is no WAF leader deliberately, and the WAF group is co-ordinated by a democratic central group made up of representatives from the various sub-groups. This meets each two weeks to steer the direction overall.


Our primary focus is to legally obstruct any planning permissions sought for shale gas exploration or extraction near our village. Our secondary focus is, if any activities go ahead, is to ensure that they install and operate within the planning conditions, regulations and legislation that are established to protect our village and our environment.

If you are reading this then you are likely to be affected by the issues which fracking will certainly bring to the village. We are an open group and if you would like to join us and be active in opposing fracking in Woodsetts please get in touch with the WAF committee via the form above.