Hope Ribbons

Following the Gyuto Monks’ land puja ceremony they asked us to tie a white silk scarf to the holly tree to mark their visit. The photo on Facebook of this got such a great response; we got the idea of taking this a step further. In Tibet it is a standard practice to hang prayer flags to promote peace, wisdom, compassion and strength. Tibetans believe the wind will blow the prayers and mantras into the surroundings, spreading goodwill and compassion.


WAF are promoting Hope Ribbons, a simple white or yellow ribbon with positive messages of hope for the land. These are tied to the holly tree near Woodsetts overlooking the proposed fracking site, and represent our strength and solidarity to protect the environment. We aim to make this a visible representation of the feelings of communities threatened by fracking.


So no matter where you live, to add your own message to the Woodsetts holly tree is easy. Just fill in the short form below, and we will produce your ribbon and add it to the tree for you.

Thanks! Your ribbon will be added to the holly tree for you