INEOS present to the Parish Council

We had a great turnout a the Parish Council to hear from the representatives of INEOS. Main set of questions were posed to their Chief Commercial Officer Lynn Calder. Residents had quite a number of questions posed to the INEOS team about environmental impact, the injunction, and their future plans. One of the main surprises from the discussion was about the traffic that this site would bring, which would be 60 HGV movements per day at the peak - coming through the village from the A57 roundabout. INEOS talked about implementing "traffic management" to manage this and make it safe, but did not give specifics on what that would mean.

The two gentlemen shown in the picture here will be in the village over the next few days. They said that they are happy to be approached and asked questions. If you do, why not let us know what they said below.

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