South Yorkshire Police view of the INEOS interim injunction

On Wednesday the Neighbourhood Patrol Group Constable Rick Revitt gave us the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) view of the interim injunction, which I now have available to share:

1. SYP did not ask for the interim injunction and played no part in the application

2. It is the responsibility of INEOS to progress any perceived breaches of the injunction

3. The injunction should not interfere with people carrying out their normal daily and community activities including the freedom of passage on the highway.

4. SYP will judge any protest activity in line with any other similar activity whilst maintaining their European Court of Human Rights positive and negative obligations

5. SYP will be seeking further clarification of the practical application of the interim injunction. The final decision will be made by the High Court on 12 September 2017.

We are arranging another session for us to hear from him in more detail, and will let you know in due course.

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