Anti-Fracking Meeting for Volunteers

If you oppose the Ineos plan to drill an exploratory well in Woodsetts to search for shale gas and you want to be actively involved in fighting this, you are invited to a meeting to be held at:

Woodsetts Village Hall 7.00pm Wednesday 23rd August 2017

At this meeting, we plan to organise a co-ordinated response to this threat to our health, our countryside and our homes. We will be asking people to form into groups to address specific issues in respect of the application, so expect to leave the meeting with work to do!

As space in the hall is limited, we respectfully request that you only attend if you are committed to giving your time, energy and skills to the fight. For those who are opposed, but don’t have the time to devote to this, there will be other ways in which you can contribute in the future, as we work together as a community to protect our village and its residents.

Employees of Ineos and those in support of Fracking need not attend!

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