Anti-Fracking Meeting for Volunteers (UPDATE)

We have drafted a proposed structure for the volunteer groups, as a way of sharing the workload. Have a look if you are attending the meeting as this will form part of the discussion.



Act as a central point to collate information from all themed groups

Manage finances

Co-ordinate media message and communications

Co-ordinate village and theme group meetings

Co-ordinate submissions to local authority to oppose planning etc

Administer groups support tools (email, file sharing, messaging etc)


Draw upon all information sources available to assimilate, review and condense relevant data and information for consumption by the other groups.

2.1 Roads &Transport

Research impact of increased traffic on proposed route in respect of safety

2.2 Ecology & Environment

Establish a baseline of what wildlife, flora and fauna, exists on and around the site and research how this may be affected by the proposed drilling of an exploratory well. Any rare species?

2.3 Geology

Research underlying geology at drilling site, in particular old mine workings and report on whether this might constitute a risk should drilling go ahead

2.4 Water

How might the water catchment area and underground aquifer be affected by drilling?

2.5 Emissions and Climate from burned fossil fuels

Calculate how many vehicles, generators and other fossil fuel powered equipment might be used in the drilling operation based on Ineos’ own information. What are the distances of journeys that will be made? How many tonnes of CO2 will this emit? What other emissions might there be at the site and how might this effect surrounding flaura, fauna, human health etc.

2.6 Emissions from the well itself

Research the likelihood of methane emissions resulting from the drilling of the exploratory well and any other emissions such as radioactive material. How might this adversely affect health – prevailing winds etc

2.7 Rights of Way

Establish the exact location and routes of all rights of way around the drilling site and provide data on how well used the paths and bridleways are. Is there any “right to roam” over the proposed drilling site itself?

2.8 Sites of Special Scientific Interest

Anston Stones and other sites that could be detrimentally effected and how

2.9 History

What local history, buildings, sites of interest etc may be effected by drilling, including the possible impact of any seismic movements


Work with the Woodsetts residents and local area at a grass roots level, to share information and garner support.

3.1 Fundraising

Identify ways to generate income for Woodsetts Against Fracking and commence activity

3.2 Survey

Conduct a village survey to establish the number of residents who are for and against the proposal to frack in Woodsetts

3.3 Street Co-ordinators

Take responsibility for your street. Leaflet drops and word of mouth updates, especially to those who are not connected to social media

3.3 Waterways and Angling Groups

Form links with management organisations of local waterways, owners of fishing lakes and angling clubs etc. with the aim of obtaining their support in opposing the drilling.

3.4 Equestrian

Make contact with local equestrian centres, livery yards and horse riders who may be effected by safety issues on the roads and bridleways around the proposed site

3.5 Farmers

Identify all surrounding farmers and landowners. Seek their views on fracking and provide information to allow them to make an informed decision. This to include notification of strong opposition in the village. Are any of them willing to allow anti-fracking signage to be erected on their land?

3.6 Cycling Clubs and Networks

Establish which cycling clubs and other cyclists use the roads around Woodsetts, how frequently and in what numbers. What effect would additional traffic associated with the drilling have on them in terms of road safety (liaise with road safety group)

3.7 Local Businesses

Interview local business owners. How might they be effected by increases in traffic or other factors that may lead to loss of business.

3.8 Lindrick Golf Club

Obtain a position statement from the club and act as liaison as the project progresses. How can they assist in opposing the application?


Engagement with other bodies to share information, co-ordinate joint responses, and to promote the cause.

4.1 Lobbying

Lobbying of MPs, local authorities, food processing companies etc. regarding fracking in general

4.2 Anti-Fracking Group Liaison

Liaise with other anti-fracking groups at Harthill, Marsh lane and elsewhere to provide support to each other and share ideas

4.3 Police Liaison

Take updates and advice from South Yorkshire Police via the police liaison officer

4.4 Professional Demonstrator Liaison

To engage with the anticipated demonstrators who will descend on the village, who are not affiliated with formal anti-fracking groups.

4.5 RMBC Liaison

Establish and engage with the planning department of RMBC to maintain positive, two-way communication.


Develop themes, artwork, press releases, TV coverage, and social media strategy. Responsible for the public “face” of the group on all press mediums, website and social media.


Meet regularly with representatives of Ineos to obtain information about progress and any changes in their operational plan


Maintain oversight of INEOS to ensure they comply with the letter and spirit of regulation.

7.1 Photography and Filming

Record photos and footage at and around the proposed site. Aerial shots. Artists impression of what the site will look like with the drilling rig on it. Updates photos as development begins.

7.2 Movements and Activity Monitoring

Record vehicle movements, removal of waste, adherence to planned schedule etc in order to identify non-compliance of INEOS with either planning approval criteria or Environment Agency regulation


Preparation of all formal responses and objections to regulations, injunctions and planning proposals.

8.1 High Court Injunction

Tackle the injunction with the intent of undermining it, or having it withdrawn.

8.2 Planning application objections

Use research from rest of group to define formal objections to all planning application.

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