Woodsetts mobilised against INEOS plans

Tonight we held a volunteer session for the Woodsetts Against Fracking group. The level of support, passion and skills of the residents that have stepped forward to take part in the fight against INEOS installing an exploratory well completely overwhelmed us. We have also had a number of people volunteer who could not make it tonight but wish to support the cause.

Richard very eloquently explained that we are not “in charge”, but are just a group of people who have stepped forward to mobilise the movement. Together we agreed the proposed structure of the volunteer groups, and very quickly had people discussing within those groups how to take this forwards. A representative of each group will meet in two weeks time (6th September, venue TBA) to agree how we progress.

Once again thanks again for the overwhelming support from the village, a tremendous response, and encouraging that we have the skills, capability and energy to do this.

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