INEOS screening request update

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have received a screening request from INEOS for a future test drilling planning application. The council is required to express a formal opinion on whether a planning application for potential drilling would require an environmental impact assessment. Having this assessment carried out is better for the village as it could potentially highlight factors that will stop INEOS' plans.

Whilst no public consultation is required at this stage of the planning process by the council, the Woodsetts Against Fracking group felt it was necessary to make clear our concerns and request that INEOS perform a full environmental impact assessment as part of their full planning application. RMBC have stated that they will accept our request for consideration and this has been delivered to them today. They have stated that this is the first time they have had a screening report objected against, and are still waiting for some internal reports to be received before responding to INEOS. We hope our request helps them in their decision, and that they demand a full environmental impact assessment to be carried out.


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