Woodsetts Parish Council response to potential fracking in the village

The comment below was posted on the Woodsetts Parish Council website 2/10/17.

The recent consultation process from Ineos has caused much anger and concern in the Village and the Parish Council wants to thank the residents who have mobilised and worked tirelessly on a matter they strongly believe in. The Parish Council is aware that some residents feel it has been slow to act on this matter but would like to assure all residents it is being pro-active in this matter where possible. It is taking legal advice and gathering information from other applications concerning fracking at Harthill and Eckington. The Parish Council does not want any comments or opinions it may make before a formal application for planning arrives to be declared prejudiced if it is seen to pre-determine on this matter. However, when, and if, an application arrives it will move with speed and efficiency to fully engage in the process. Three Parish Councillors sit on the Traffic Management Committee with Officers from RMBC and they have requested an immediate meeting to discuss the potential adverse traffic implications of this imminent application. In conclusion, the Parish Council would respectfully like to remind all its constituents that they too are residents and as individuals have very real concerns and worries on this matter. However, as Parish Councillors they are part of a legal Statutory Body that must act within its legal and correct parameters to ensure the best outcomes for the village.


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