RMBC bans fracking on public land, whilst INEOS announces Woodsetts planning application date

ROTHERHAM councillors formally ruled out fracking on public land at a meeting earlier today.

The dominant Labour group on Rotherham Borough Council had proposed a motion not to allow drilling for shale gas on council-owned or council-controlled land in the borough. Proposer Cllr Dominic Beck, whose ward is subject to fracking proposals, said: “The Labour Party commited to banning fracking in the recent 2017 General Election.

“Myself and Cllr (Katherine) Wilson (who is seconded the motion) represent areas that are impacted by proposals around fracking and we have both met local residents and attended community meetings in Harthill and Woodsetts to hear their concerns.

“This motion represents those concerns and demonstrates our efforts locally to do what we can to protect our communities from fracking.”

The motion passed was that no fracking activities, including survey work, should be allowed on land owned or controlled by the council.

Unfortunately the ban will not affect the proposals in place for Harthill or Woodsetts, as the sites are not on public land, but are recognised as a gesture of support for campaigners and disapproval of fracking in general

Also earlier today INEOS posted notices in Woodsetts announcing their intention to submit their planning application for.an exploratory well on 25 October 2017, which gives residents until 22 November 2017 to make representations. The Woodsetts Against Fracking group will be communicating in due course on the best way for the village to approach this.

The notice states the planning application is for "construction of a well site and creation of a new access track, mobilisation of drilling, ancillary equipment and contractor welfare facilities to drill and pressure transient test a vertical hydrocarbon exploratory core well and mobilisation of workover rig, listening well operations, and retention of the site and wellhead assembly gear for a temporary period of 5 years".

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