Much ado about nothing

This is a more lighthearted post than normal, but with a serious message. You, the reader, can take away your views on whether he is with us or against us from the farce described below. It describes a visit to the Rt. Hon Kevin Barron's surgery on 27th October by two representatives of Woodsetts Against Fracking (WAF), and their transcript is a Shakespearean tragedy which quickly turned into a comedy.

Upon our arrival Sir K suggested he had already spoken with a number of anti-frackers that evening and expressed some frustration at having to see us as well. He did however engage in some discussion. We said we simply wished to establish his stance on fracking as the evidence seems to be he is rather ambiguous on the issue. Sir K went on to describe everything he has been doing such as attending a recent parliamentary meeting in which issues such as policing and water contamination had been raised. We again asked him for his stance in principle. He asked if we had been at the initial fracking meeting in Woodsetts where he had stated his views.

Enter stage left - WAF Hero 1 - "Sir Kevin...your comments that evening were simply theatrical and worthless".

Sir K - "that's can leave...I want you to leave now...if that's what you think".

We managed to calm Sir K down (he did become very agitated) and put it to him that we were just trying to clarify his stance. He again referred to the recent parliamentary meeting he had been to and made comment that: the Home Office had a specific fund to assist policing demonstrations; Cuadrilla were becoming sick and tired of the whole fracking business and were considering their position; Ineos have repeatedly proven themselves to be poor at communicating (well we know that!).

We again pressed Sir K on his position and he spoke of writing a paper with a WAF member a few weeks ago which clearly states he is anti-fracking.

Enter stage right - WAF Hero 2 - "That's great...but why not demonstrate your views could have come to the S. Yorks event with your colleague Paul Bloemfield"

WAF Hero 1 - "and can I remind you that you voted for fracking in 2013 and since then have abstained three times from voting to tighten regulations".

Sir K said he hadn't been invited to the former and could not remember the latter...

We suggested that Sir K should make his position more public and as our MP we were looking to him to represent 90% of Woodsetts residents properly. We suggested he could use his website or media presence to announce more clearly his views. We invited Sir K to a WAF meeting which he initially responded quite well to. When we pressed him on how soon he could come however, he again became quite agitated and asked us to leave.

WAF Hero 1 "please let us know, say in fourteen days if you can come"

Sir K "I want you to leave now...please go...yes go".

Exit stage left our WAF Heroes

WAF Hero 1 - "Did we just get thrown out"?

WAF Hero 2 - "Forsooth I think we did".

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