Planning objection letters delivered to RMBC

Over the past few months, the Woodsetts Against Fracking group have been working with local residents to produce personalised letters of objection to Ineos’ plans to drill an exploratory well looking for shale gas. This exploratory well would ultimately lead to fracking taking place in Woodsetts if sufficient gas is found.

Some of the WAF group delivered hundreds of these objection letters to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) on 9th January 2018 for consideration during the planning process. These were wrapped in brown paper, and sealed with a Hope Ribbon with a hand-written message to the council of “The people of Woodsetts trust that RMBC will carefully consider these objections to the application to sink a shale gas well in our village. We hope that you are able to do your part in helping to protect the environment, the natural resources, flora and fauna, and the health and wellbeing of the people you serve. We thank you for your work”.

Hope Ribbons are being used by WAF now following the visit from the Gyuto monks, to record positive thoughts for the environment, and are usually tied to the holly tree overlooking the proposed Woodsetts site. It was felt appropriate today to use one to seal the pack of objection letters.

WAF members are pictured here with Ineos gags, representing the injunction that continues to be in force limiting our rights to protest against Ineos’ fracking operations #INEOSvsTHEPEOPLE

RMBC will accept objection letters up until the planning application hearing takes place (date yet to be arranged). To find out how to object, click here

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