Archaeological Survey starting Monday 15th January

WAF and the Parish Council have just been been notified that there is an Archaeological Survey planned by Ineos on the fields adjacent to Dewidales Wood (the potential fracking site) commencing this Monday 15th January.

Unfortunately this was only advised to us on Friday 12th January.

As far as we know Ineos have not made any notification to the village until now, we want you to be aware of what is happening.

This is not drilling or fracking activity and is not being carried out by Ineos personnel. It does include trenching so there could be heavy machinery on site.

Our advice is not to hinder the survey which is being conducted by an independent third party.

We hope that the survey will proceed without issues and it is possible the findings will be good news for our fight against the current planning application.

If there are any negative effects or behaviour from the survey team then of course we want to know about this so please do share your experiences, email, or via the contact page on the website, or Facebook, or leave a message for WAF care of the Village Hall.

In the short time available to WAF we may not be able to get this news to every household so please share this with your friends and neighbours.

It is shocking that it falls to the WAF group to fulfil Ineos' responsibility to provide notice of this survey to the community - this is planned activity and the information could and should have been made available to us all much sooner, and should have been communicated properly by Ineos to all residents.

Now some good news for the village:

  • The resident’s objection letters were delivered to RMBC this week - please keep these coming, these are still rolling in and there will be a second delivery

  • A full comprehensive detailed WAF objection submission has been submitted this week

  • We are waiting for RMBC to confirm a date for the planning application decision meeting, once we have this we will be publishing our first newsletter for 2018!

The Woodsetts Against Fracking Team

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