Please ask your MP to sign up to Early Day Motion 1836

Now we are at a key point in the fight against fracking.

The Fracking industry is under threat - they are struggling to perform operations under the Traffic Light System they signed up to - so now they want the Government to disregard safe operations and change the rules. There is an Early Day Motion 1836 calling on the Government to stand firm against any change - please ask your MP to sign up to this motion.

For Woodsetts our MP is Sir Kevin Barron, email, if you are outside Sir Kevin's constituency please contact your MP - you can find your MP's email address here

Suggested text:

I would like to confirm my concern that the Fracking industry is trying to pressurise the Government to change the safety rules which they signed up to exposing us to short and long term effects of seismic activity. Those limits have already been exceeded at the Preston New Road site in the very first days of drilling. Please sign Early Day Motion 1836 which calls for the existing safety framework to remain in place.

I confirm that I am a constituent and my details are [insert your full name and postal address]

A big thank you for doing this - it will make a difference.

Woodsetts Against Fracking

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